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The smart management system for ASIC and GPU miners


Mine LTC with Industry Leaders

LTC farm Group is the world's leading full-service blockchain technology company and one of the largest infrastructure providers in the crypto ecosystem.

In order to use the hashrate produced by LTC farm, LTC MINING has developed a software solution that allows you to purchase the hashpower via a user-friendly interface and monitor your account balance updates.



Promote LTC MINING and make passive income on referrals. Withdraw referral earnings at anytime.

Referral Program Benefits

- 1 levels of referral program

- Instant accruals

- Passive income

Become a part
Step 1

Low entry point

You can start from 1 TH/s — get into LTC cloud mining with minimum investments.

Step 2

Brand recognition

LTC MINING has over 200 000 active users and the number keeps growing progressively.

Step 3

Official partner of Bitfury

LTC MINING is the one and only official partner of LTC mining and blockchain technology giant Bitfury.

Step 4

Withdrawal of Funds

Go to the payout section and withdraw funds. They will come to your wallet within 1 minute. Payouts are available from 0.0005 LTC.


Streamlined and Non-Stop LTC Cloud Mining with Advanced ASICs.